Our Credo - Core Values

The patients who will eventually use our drugs are the most important consideration we have as a company. We are responsible first for their safety and then for making sure our drugs work to improve their health and quality of life while dealing with their medical conditions.

We are passionate about including all members of the human race in our team, in our patient group and in our community. We support each person’s pursuit of equality, peace, freedom and fairness regardless of their nationality, color, creed, religion or gender identity.

We espouse togetherness and shared work in finding solutions for global problems such as the fight to end poverty, the fight for affordable healthcare and the fight for education for all.

We encourage respect, tolerance, peace and freedom of choice for all. We stand against racism, radicalism and all who needlessly harm others.

We recognize the need to increase access to and lower the cost of medicines and improve quality of life for all humanity and are ready to play a leadership role in improving global health. We are committed to providing access to our medicines for rich and poor alike and intend to subsidize the cost of our products to those less fortunate in such a way as to make them affordable to even those in the most financially difficult situations.

Profit is NOT an ugly word. We must be profitable to be able to achieve our goals and live by this credo. Regardless we will NOT try to profit unfairly from the less fortunate among us who cannot normally afford our drugs. We will help those patients in a structured and respectful way to obtain those of our medicines that best suit their needs.